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Black Water Clear Water
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Black Water Clear Water
Black Water Clear Water
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Turn ordinary water an eerie dark black and then clear again! Professional magicians around the world use this awesome addition to Sands of the Desert. Black Water Clear Water instantly shows your audience a beautiful display of magic.  Easy to do and very amazing! Change the color of the water to black with a wave of your hands!  When you’re ready, another wave of your hands and the water turns clear. Black Water Clear Water adds impact to just about any trick using water.  The full-size pack includes enough chemical to turn about 5 gallons of water black and then clear again, depending on the particles already in the water (purity).

WARNING: Must be 18 to order. This product includes chemicals that may be harmful or fatal if swallowed. DO NOT INGEST. Avoid direct contact with skin. Prolonged use may damage or irritate skin.  KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN.

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Ordinary water turns eerie black! A wave of the hand, and it turns 
clear again.