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Blank Deck or Mental Photography Deck 25 Tricks Booklet (TM)
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Blank Deck or Mental Photography Deck 25 Tricks Booklet (TM)
Blank Deck or Mental Photography Deck 25 Tricks Booklet (TM)
Item #: BK19127 (L2-3-3)
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The Blank Deck is one of the most visual card effects around. It will literally blow your spectators minds! The step by step instructions in this booklet will give you all the tips and tricks for using your Blank Deck. In this book you will learn the basic routines as well as special effects using different cards from the pack. Includes: Packet Print Job, Blank Choice, Three Card Monte, Wild Card, Triple Threat, Deck Transposition, Comedy Prediction, and much much more!
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Learn 25 tricks with a blank deck or mental photography deck.