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Blooming Blossom - Regular (FT)
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Blooming Blossom - Regular (FT)
Blooming Blossom - Regular (FT)
Item #: 11425 (M2-1-1)
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The Blooming Blossom is a unique specialty item that is adaptable to any magician's style of performance. A barren stalk is openly displayed to the audience and, quick as a wink, a colorful flower appears at the top! The flower can be vanished in the same way! This appearance can be performed in a slow manner also, using an "invisible watering can" to make the flower grow. An audience pleaser that is easy to perform.

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Torch To Bouquet (FT)
21582 (M23-12-4)
The magician walks on stage holding a burning torch. She covers it with a tube and magically the torch vanishes and a beautiful bouquet appears in her hand.
In Stock

Blooming Carnation (Cloth) (FT)
21568 (M3-1-3)
With a magic pass, a bud appears at the end of a bare stalk, and slowly blooms into a large carnation. You can pretend to pluck off the flower and toss it into the air, where it apparently vanishes. It reappears on the stalk.
In Stock

Blooming Blossom with Extra Flower (FT)
20968 (M2-1-3)
The flower can be made to appear quickly, or to grow slowly. It can also be vanished! Comes with an extra flower bud.
In Stock

Flower from Wand in Pot - Mini (FT)
19401 (M9-5-2)
A miniature version of a pot that magically produces a bouquet of several flowers.
In Stock

Blooming Bouquet - Yellow to Red (FT)
14203 (M3-1-4)
Make a full bouquet of 5 flowers magically appear.
In Stock

Flower Box Production Empire Regular
17821 (M9-5-3)
Three exquisite flower arrangements come from the empty bag.
Out of Stock

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Panda Flash Pad - Thin Flash Paper - Pack of 12 Pads (PM)
21681 (REF)
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Yes No Maybe So by Silly Billy
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Brush for Bald Heads (Royal)
21629 (M3-4-3)
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Phony Squirt Mustard (Royal)
21628 (R10-1-3)
Imagine your victim's surprise when you pretend to squirt them with mustard, yet the only thing that comes out of the bottle is a piece of yellow string.
In Stock

The flower can be made to appear quickly, or to grow slowly. It can 
also be vanished!