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Bongo Hat (E-ZX)
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Bongo Hat (E-ZX)
Bongo Hat (E-ZX)
Item #: 20366 (M3-1-1.M30-1-1)
Unit: Each

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A children's "dress up" comedy effect, with an unexpected climax. The performer attempts to place a small hat on the assisting spectator's head. It falls off, as it is obviously "too small". Performer unfolds it to a larger hat, in a different color and design. This is repeated, over and over, finally transforming to a giant hat that covers the entire head of the spectator, with a monster face that is sure to bring in the laughs from the entire audience. Made with durable non-tear paper, printed in 6 solid colors.     (Original cost was $10.00 each.)

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A children's "dress up" comedy effect, with an unexpected climax. A 
small hat is transformed in stages into a giant hat that covers the 
entire head of a spectator, with a monster face.