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Brainwave Bicycle Poker Deck (E-Z) - Improved
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Brainwave Bicycle Poker Deck (E-Z) - Improved
Brainwave Bicycle Poker Deck (E-Z) - Improved
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This effect never fails to stun an audience! Magician asks a spectator to think of any card and call it out. A deck of cards is removed from its case and spread face down until one face up card is seen to be the spectator's chosen card! But wait… the card is turned over to reveal it has a different colored back! Magician explains that he inserted this card in the deck before his performance and controlled the spectator to think of this one card! Deck and instructions included. Improved coating.

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Bottom Collectors by Father Cyprian
BK20099 (L2-3-2)
52 page manuscript by Fr. Cyprian describing the card problem of making 3 chosen cards appear between 4 aces. Many methods/variations of performing this card routine are explained. Collectors Item from 1971.
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Brainwave Deck (Royal)
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The prediction is right and the card has a different colored back from the rest of the deck. A classic variation of the Invisible Deck.
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Secrets - Forcing A Card DVD
This DVD teaches step by step instructions on how to force cards consistently.
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Reverse One by Tony Binarelli (VDF)
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Live and Let Dai by Robert Ramirez
21604 (M12-1-4)
This is an updated version of the classic Triumph routine by Dai Vernon. You can perform Live and Let Dai directly after the classic, or perform Live and Let Dai as a standalone piece!
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Power of Concentration Card Routine by P. Curry
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The card thought of by the spectator is made to appear in the exact same position in two different decks. Full routine taught by Paul Curry in 8-page booklet.
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The Doc and His Deck by Dr. J. Taub
BK14514 (L3-3-1.M27-4-2)
A fantastic training guide for magicians that specialize in card magic. A must for beginners - pros shouldn't miss this either. (Table of Contents listed in item Details.)
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The only card face up is the one chosen. Improved coating.