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Breakaway Wand (FT)
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Breakaway Wand (FT)
Breakaway Wand (FT)
Item #: 17927 (M3-4-1)
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Made for laughs - this wand is perfectly normal when held by performer. However, when handed to a spectator, the wand COLLAPSES into a crooked, limp, loose-jointed number of broken sections. When returned to performer, wand instantly becomes straight. VERY FUNNY. Hand this to the "wise one" in your audience who thinks he knows it all. Excellent plastic construction.

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Silly Wand
21286 (M19-12-3)
An 8″ wand turns into a twisty, silly wand that is 28″ long. You are supplied with 2 wands - one for the magician, one for your helper to follow your instructions. Lots of laughs!
In Stock

Color Changing Wand (FT)
11959 (M5-14-1)
This wand magically changes color from red with gold tips to black with gold tips.
In Stock

Classic Wand to Diploma - 50 Pack (Bazar de Magia)
13159 (M4-4-2)
Turn your wand into a customized Diploma, as a gift for a child or any assistant you have. Great advertising for your show. Includes 50 diplomas (25 for girls and 25 for boys), 14 x 8 1/2". Made of vinyl.
In Stock

Jumping Wand (Wonder)
21368 (M11-8-1)
The wand that jumps and flies up! See it to believe it.
In Stock

Rising Wand 14" (HK) - Improved - Pack of 12
10012 (M17-8-1)
This lightweight 14" black rising wand can perform five different tricks. Improved version of your favorite Rising Wand! Pack of 12.
In Stock

Magic Flower from Wand in Pot
12313 (M12-14-2, 40-5-2,3,4)
This magic wand can make a flower appear from an empty pot! You get a small feather flower, a plastic magic wand, and a small plastic flower pot. Tap the wand in the pot, and the flower magically appears! Polybag with full color header.
In Stock

Rising Wand - Deluxe 5/8" (EZ-X)
20438 (M17-7-4)
This rising wand is approximately 15" long. The magician's favorite rising wand.
Out of Stock

Drooping Sunflower Bouquet (FT)
17833 (M7-15-4)
The magician makes the bouquet wilt on command.
In Stock

Breakaway Fan - Deluxe S.S. (FT)
12931 (M3-4-2)
Great laugh producer! During your performance, open the fan to "magically" fan some object. Then ask an audience member to help and hold the fan. When they do, it FALLS APART. When you take back the fan and open it, it is restored again. Repeatable.
In Stock

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Mental Logs (FT)
12325 (M14-4-2)
You are a Human Computer who can add faster than any calculator. You can ALSO perform Clairvoyance, and predict totals before the numbers are seen by anyone. Beautifully made, with engraved numbers on anodised metal rods.
Out of Stock

Repeat Square Puzzle (FT)
20887 (M17-10-4)
With relative ease, a spectator can form four cut out pieces into a perfect square. Then, hand them a small square fifth piece. Now, forming a perfect square will be much more difficult. Plastic, PBH with instructions.
In Stock

Swami Gimmick with Book (FT)
11806 (M21-8-3)
One of the best gimmicks ever created for predictions is the Swami Gimmick or nail writer. The gimmick allows the performer to write the prediction long after it was supposed to have been made! Gimmick plus manuscript.
Out of Stock

Magic Escape Handcuffs
12682 (M12-13-3)
The magician can escape these cuffs without the key.
In Stock

Silk - 6" - Pack of 12 - White
S18145 (M18-17-4)
A dozen white silks, 6" in size.
In Stock

Male Blank White Matte Mask
18892 (M14-1-3)
A plain matte, white face, male mask. Made with PVC plastic. One- Size Fits Most Adults. Attaches with Elastic Band. Great for Many Halloween Costume Ideas.
Out of Stock

A classic comedy piece. The wand collapses when handed to a