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Buddha Papers Triple Change (FT)
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Buddha Papers Triple Change (FT)
Buddha Papers Triple Change (FT)
Item #: 21788 (M1-15-2)
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Magician may show the paper empty, nest it up into the other papers and open it again to show that a currency bill has appeared. He refolds all the three papers with the currency bill and opens them again to show that the bill has changed to a higher denomination. He refolds the papers again and this time when he opens them, the bill is seen to have vanished.

This is just one of many effects that can be done. You can change cards, coins predictions etc. Watch the video below for some effects.


Video Demonstration:

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This is a utility prop which can be used to produce, change and 
vanish cards, coins, currency bills, paper slips, tokens, or other 
small flat items.