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Bunny Box Deluxe
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Bunny Box Deluxe
Bunny Box Deluxe
Item #: 15032 (M3-6-5)
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The Magician states that he is in direct need for a rabbit, and that he is lucky because he has with him his amazing Magical Bunny Box. Magician shows the empty box, then proceeds to draw a picture of a rabbit on a small slate. The slate is inserted into a slot in the top of the box and shown to the audience through the front of the box. The door is shut, then reopened, the picture of the rabbit has been replaced by a Live Rabbit! Enjoy this wonderful effect!


This Deluxe Bunny Box is one inch wider, three inches longer and two inches higher than the standard size box. The wood is screwed together, the box is completely silk screened with high-grade automotive lacquers.  Approximate dimensions are 11" x 14 1/2" x 9 1/2"  Dm. Wt. 30 lbs.

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A slate is shown and a bunny is sketched on to it. The front door of 
the Bunny Box is opened and you see it is empty with the picture of 
the rabbit inside. The next time the door is opened a live rabbit or 
a puppet is produced.