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Cane to Twin Parasols Umbrella (FT)
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Cane to Twin Parasols Umbrella (FT)
Cane to Twin Parasols Umbrella (FT)
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The performer walks on to stage with a cane. He places the tip of the cane into a cup on the floor, and instantly the cane transforms into a pair of inverted parasols, forming an attractive and off-beat display stand. Subsequently the performer uses this stand to hold his production and other items -- like card productions, silks, ropes and ribbons, spring flowers, paper garlands, sponge items, plastic multiplying balls and other light weight items.   Includes large powder coated stainless steel vanishing cane, cup (holds parasols upright) and 2 parasols. 


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A cane transforms into two inverted parasols, which is then used as 
an interesting display stand for light weight production items in 
your stage act, platform, cabaret floor, or any place, even when 
surrounded by the audience.