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Card Mastery by MacDougall and Expert at the Card Table by Erdnase
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Card Mastery by MacDougall and Expert at the Card Table by Erdnase
Card Mastery by MacDougall and Expert at the Card Table by Erdnase
Item #: BK12553 (L2-2-2.M48-3-1)
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Gives you both the classic and the new at your fingertips.


1.  Includes the full text of the seminal “The Expert At The Card Table”, by S.W. Erdnase.


2.  The rest of Card Mastery, written by Michael MacDougall, includes new sleights, new methods of culling and stacking, a new bottom steal, and more.  This will interest all card men, magicians and demonstrators.  Has methods and stunts for use in Gambling Expose acts, including the “Seven Hands Of Satan” poker deal.   


Soft-bound - 286 pages, 159 illustrations.  Copyright D. Robbins & Co., Inc.

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Includes the full text of the bible of card manipulation, “The 
Expert At The Card Table”, by S.W. Erdnase; AND new sleights and 
methods of culling, stacking and bottom stealing. For card men, 
magicians and Gambling Expose acts.