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Card through Coaster (FT)
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Card through Coaster (FT)
Card through Coaster (FT)
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The two coasters are handed out to be examined. Then a card is selected from the deck. One coaster is laid on the table or held in hand. Then selected card is placed on top of the coaster and the other coaster is place on top of that(sandwiching the card between the two coasters). Then with a magical pass the card penetrates them and is seen to fall to the table. The coasters are shown to be empty in the middle and bottom.

You could also use coins that are magnetic to perform a coin penetrations, vanishes , appearing and changes as well as matrix routines. Supplied two special coasters or boards, and two shimmed Bicycle cards, complete with instructions. Will work as an add on effect to lethal tender.

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The card between the coasters will disappear. Supplied two special 
coasters or boards, and two shimmed Bicycle cards, complete with