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Card through Finger (FT)
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Card through Finger (FT)
Card through Finger (FT)
Item #: 20877 (M2-14-4)
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A safe and effective version of the “finger chopper” using playing cards.  Performer displays four playing cards with a hole in the middle. One of these cards is pulled out of the packet, and the performer puts his finger through the other three cards.  The remaining card is pushed back into the packet and apparently penetrates right through the finger. The cards are removed from over the finger, one at a time, and the penetrated card is seen unharmed, haging on the finger, and can be handed out for examination. 


Comes with four cards gimmicked for performance, in a convenient carry wallet, with photo-illustrated instructions.


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A finger chopper effect using four cards. Includes carrying wallet 
and instructions.