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Catch Me If You Can (Wonder)
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Catch Me If You Can (Wonder)
Catch Me If You Can (Wonder)
Item #: 14908 (M2-15-4)
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A king, queen and jack are shown. The cards are put face down. The spectator is asked to select the middle card, the queen. There is a hole in the queen card. The victim is asked to put his finger in the hole without looking at the card. A funny surprise as he looks at the card!  Instead of the queen, he sees a funny picture with his own finger sticking out of the hole! An elephant card with a hole is included.

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A king, queen and jack are shown, then put face down. A spectator is 
asked to select the middle card, the queen, which has a hole in it. 
A funny surprise to the spectator when they put their finger thru 
the hole.