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Chameleon Chips (FT)
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Chameleon Chips (FT)
Chameleon Chips (FT)
Item #: 10885 (M3-17-2)
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Two different colored rummy chips change places from one hand to the other and back. The chips can be shown on both sides. No shells, shims, magnets, extra chips, or sleights. Supplied 4 special rummy chips and booklet of several effects to perform with them.

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Super Psychic Chips (FT)
Each selected chip by the assistant will be correct.
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Adairs Chip Canery (FT)
15238 (M1-2-1)
The one black chip vanishes, then reappear, three times. Then the two red chips are vanished. At the finish, all have three chips are gone.
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Production Chick Pan Single Load - 4" Load (FT)
A mini production pan that produces a single load. Measuring 5" diameter x 4" high, it has a inner load capacity of 4" diameter x 2.2" in height. Well made in heavy 18 gauge aluminum, and polished in a gleaming silver finish.
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Magic Wands - Mini 4.5" x 3/16" - Box of 36
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Power Pickpocket Gimmick (Goshman)
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Adairs Melt through Chips (FT)
20602 (M1-4-1)
The chips go right through each other and the performer's hand.
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Circus Mystic Matchboxes (Wonder)
When the first matchbox is pushed inside its cover, the second drawer pops out of the other matchbox. The drawers magically pop in and out even when the two boxes are separated by a card in between.
In Stock

These chips change color and place right before your 
audience's eyes.