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Chameleon Rainbow Streamer (FT)
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Chameleon Rainbow Streamer (FT)
Chameleon Rainbow Streamer (FT)
Item #: 13777(M3-17-1)
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A very good, easy, quick and highly visible effect where a black silk streamer shown freely all around and waved in the air changes into a multicolor streamer (as if stealing the colors from a rainbow). It can be worked in reverse too. Just a flick of the multicolored streamer in the air and the colors disappear in the wink of an eye, leaving the streamer dark black.


The streamers are six inches wide and over 3 feet long, dyed in vibrant colors and visually pretty to watch on stage. Absolutely no skill is required to perform this startling effect. The streamer is made of good quality pure silk, and totally self-contained, leaving you free to concentrate on the presentation.  Comes complete and ready to use with instructions.


You may show it as a single trick or in combination with other effects like the Coloring Book, Coloring Picture, Silk Dye effect and more.

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A black 100% silk streamer shown freely all around is waved in the 
air and instantly changes to a multicolored streamer. Can be 
reversed. 6" wide and over 3 feet long.