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Change Bag - Library of Magic Vol. 18
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Change Bag - Library of Magic Vol. 18
Change Bag - Library of Magic Vol. 18
Item #: 14492 (L2-2-1)
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No magical prop has the versatility and usefulness of the Change Bag. You can make items vanish, appear, change color, become larger or smaller, secretly switch items and more. This book gives you many ideas that you will surely use in your magic shows. A great addition to your library.
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Change Bag - One Hand - Velvet (FT)
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A velvet version of this classic trick, with 48 page 101 Tricks booklet included.
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101 Tricks with Change Bags Booklet
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Information on a variety of Change Bags (flat or draw string, one hand, regular, repeat, clear force, and mesh), and 101 tricks you can do with them.
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Magic Change Bag 50 Tricks Booklet (TM)
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Learn over 50 tricks that you can perform with a change bag.
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Change Bag - Plastic (VDF)
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Change Bag Kit
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Change Bag - Stars (Bazar De Magia)
One of the most useful and versatile tools available, this Stars pattern Change Bag offers an easy and effective method for productions, vanishes, changes and much more. Made of durable plastic.
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Square to Circle Bag
Four squares of material change to one larger circle of material in a change bag. When the change bag, which is square, is turned inside out, it too changes to a circle.
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Change Bag - Chrome Handle - Silver (Bazar De Magia)
Put an item inside the bag, then turn it inside out - vanished! Turn the bag inside out again - appeared! Beautiful silver color.
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Change Bag with Zipper - Promo
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Perform different tricks with this magic bag! Approximately 5.5" across the top, 5.5" handle, and 11" in depth.
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The book teaches the several nuances of change bag magic.