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Magic Change Bag 50 Tricks Booklet (TM)
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Magic Change Bag 50 Tricks Booklet (TM)
Magic Change Bag 50 Tricks Booklet (TM)
Item #: 19177 (L2-2-1)
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Inside this book you will find 50 different effects including: Silks from Nowhere, Paper to Money, Spirit Writing, Silk Escape, Cut and restored Rope, Number Prediction and much, much more.
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Change Bag with Zipper - Promo
20683 (M4-17-1, 40-6-3,4)
Perform different tricks with this magic bag! Approximately 5.5" across the top, 5.5" handle, and 11" in depth.
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Eternal Rings
20238 (M8-16-3)
Place 6 deluxe woven ropes into a change bag. When they are removed, they are all linked together into a chain. Change bag is sold separately.
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Change Bag - Repeat Red Velvet (FT)
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This velvet bag is capable of performing twice in one trick.
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Change Bag - One Hand (FT)
13804 (M4-18-2.M31-8-3)
A well crafted change bag with a trick guide included.
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Change Bag - Pocket Size  (FT)
15021 (M4-17-2.M31-10-1)
A small Change Bag, compact enough to carry in your pocket, and perfectly workable for silks, ropes, ribbons, money, and solid items up to the size of a deck of cards. Well made with a wooden ring, velvet bag, and several ideas for use.
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Giz-Zin-Tah Bag - Large
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The 9" x 9" bag can be turned inside out five different times, each time becoming another color. Finally, a zipper pouch is found where a trick can be produced.
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Spotty the Dog
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An empty bag changes from solid silk designs to spotted, and then produces Spot the Dog.
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Change Bag Mini - USA
9835 (M4-18-4)
A miniature version, includes a cloth bag and a wood handle.
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Change Bag - Library of Magic Vol. 18
14492 (L2-2-1)
The book teaches the several nuances of change bag magic.
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Learn over 50 tricks that you can perform with a change bag.