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Change Bag - One Hand with Zipper (USA)
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Change Bag - One Hand with Zipper (USA)
Change Bag - One Hand with Zipper (USA)
Item #: 18417 (M4-17-2)
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The great utility prop - now with a zipper at the bottom! Zipper allows the magician to put his arm completely through the bag, further proving that it is truly empty! But, even after showing the bag empty, silks, ribbons, candy, etc. can be produced. Of course different items may be caused to vanish, change into other items, or switched. 


Made of velvet with golden trim, with a wood handle.  11.5" long, including the 5" handle; the change bag itself is 10" long.  Includes "23 Deceptions With a Change Bag".

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One handed, zippered change bag, to make items appear or disappear. 
12" long, including the 5" wood handle; the bag itself is 10" long. 
Includes a trick guide.