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Chick Pan - Single (Ickle Pickle)
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Chick Pan - Single (Ickle Pickle)
Chick Pan - Single (Ickle Pickle)
Item #: 20470 (M4-15-1)
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The classic "dove" pan trick in baby chick size!  Produce whatever you can fit inside... maybe a "sponge" cake!

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Production Chick Pan Single Load - 4" Load (FT)
A mini production pan that produces a single load. Measuring 5" diameter x 4" high, it has a inner load capacity of 4" diameter x 2.2" in height. Well made in heavy 18 gauge aluminum, and polished in a gleaming silver finish.
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Chick Pan - Double Load (Ickle Pickle)
The empty pan can have two items (loads) appear.
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Dove Pan-Orama by Bruce Posgate
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Production Chick Pan Double Load - SS Mini (FT)
The first heavy gauge stainless steel double load pan measures 4" in diameter and 2" in depth, with the second load pan just slightly smaller. The complete pan with cover measures only 4" in height and 4.25" in diameter.
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Chick Pan - Single (MMC)
10399 (M4-15-2)
When the cover is removed, in place of the mixture, 2 baby chicks or whatever you load the pan with, will appear. Excellent for "Baking a Cake" effect. Made of highly polished metal. Pan is 5" in diameter.
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The classic dove pan trick in baby chick size! Produce whatever you 
can fit inside... this pan is clipless. Measuring 5.5" diameter x 3" 
high, it has a inner load capacity of 4.5" diameter x  1.8" in