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Chinese Linking Rings - 10" S.S.  (FT)
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Chinese Linking Rings - 10" S.S.  (FT)
Chinese Linking Rings - 10" S.S. (FT)
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There are several models of Linking Rings. The iron plated models are economical, but have a limited life, as the plating will flake and the rings will rust over time.  The Stainless Steel models are rust free, but more than twice as expensive.   


These rings are made in a stainless metal that will not rust or flake. You get the benefits and long life of stainless steel rings, at a very economical cost.  Full set of eight 10" diameter rings, made from solid rod about 5 mm diameter.  Includes a Linking Ring Tutor – a printed illustrated booklet of 32 pages with 37 illustrations, that takes you step-by-step through all the moves, and four complete routines using 3, 4, 6, and all 8 rings. 


Also available in 8" and 12" sets of eight rings.




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Eight 10" stainless steel linking rings magically link together before their eyes. Includes a 32 page printed and illustrated Linking Ring Tutor instruction booklet.