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Chop Cup - Aluminum (FT)
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Chop Cup - Aluminum (FT)
Chop Cup - Aluminum (FT)
Item #: 13342 (M4-9-2.M31-12-2)
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You take a small pom pom and place it into your pocket. In one second, it is found to be under a previously empty metal cup. Now you pour the ball out of the cup and into your hand, but it's back in the cup. And to top it off, the ball changes color and becomes larger! It's all done with this mechanical prop.

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Chop Cup - Mini (Ickle Pickle)
20480 (M4-10-2)
Pocket chop cup. Comes complete with aluminum cup, two 3/4" crocheted balls, cloth carrying bag, and instruction sheet.
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Chop Cup Combo Outfit - Aluminum - Red, White, Blue (FT)
20634 (M4-10-1)
Three RWB colored seamless spun aluminum cups for the close-up magician. 3" diameter x 3.25" high. Supplied complete with Magnetic balls, matching Non-magnetic Balls, a Pom Pom Ball, a velvet carry bag and 2 books of moves & routines.
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A metal version of this classic magic trick.