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Chop Cup - Plastic (FT)
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Chop Cup - Plastic (FT)
Chop Cup - Plastic (FT)
Item #: 14805 (M4-10-1.M31-13-2)
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A plastic Chop Cup for the close up magician. Supplied with a single plastic chop cup approximately 3" in height and a set of 2 balls with which to perform the routine. All is explained in the beautifully photo illustrated color instruction sheet. Can be used for many Chop Cup routines.

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Handknit Chop Cup Balls (MMC) - Single 2"
18074 (M10-14-4)
Single hand crocheted ball, 2".
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Chop Cup - Wide Model (FT)
A wide version of the classic chop cup magic trick.
Out of Stock

Chop Cup - Mini (Ickle Pickle)
20480 (M4-10-2)
Pocket chop cup. Comes complete with aluminum cup, two 3/4" crocheted balls, cloth carrying bag, and instruction sheet.
Out of Stock

Chop Cup Combo Balls - 3/4" Crocheted Balls (FT) - Set of 4
9532 (M4-8-2)
Set of four 3/4" chop cup combo balls.
In Stock

Chop Cup Plastic Chrome Plated (Wonder)
C20647 (M25-16-3)
The classic effect where the ball magically disappears and reappears.
In Stock

Super Cup - Chop Cup Set (EZ-X)
A completely different method from the traditional Chop Cup. You can turn the cup mouth facing the audience to show there is no ball in the cup, then have the ball appear in the cup. Have it travel from your pocket to cup, or vice versa.
In Stock

Chop Cup Combo Balls - 1" Crocheted Balls (FT) - Set of 4
18194 (M4-8-3)
An extra set of four 1 inch chop cup balls, 3 regular, 1 gimmicked.
In Stock

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A plastic version of the classic chop cup magic trick.