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Classic Mouth Coils #12 - 50 ft (Bazar de Magia)
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Classic Mouth Coils #12 - 50 ft (Bazar de Magia)
Classic Mouth Coils #12 - 50 ft (Bazar de Magia)
Item #: 12148 (M4-4-2.M4-4-3)
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Mouth or hand production coils, 1 dozen coils per box, 50 ft each. Produce yards of white ribbon from your mouth, pocket, Square Circle, or Phantom Tube. Your audience will be amazed at the sheer volume as it piles up! Perfect for Dove Production Climax as well!

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This 50 foot streamer can be pulled from your hand, mouth, pocket, shoe, anywhere!
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Each of these 12 mouth coils are 50 feet in length.