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Clip Card BB Poker (FT) - Pack of 100
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Clip Card BB Poker (FT) - Pack of 100
Clip Card BB Poker (FT) - Pack of 100
Item #: 12610 (M4-1-3.M31-12-3)
Unit: Pack of 100

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Magician shows a card printed with five cards, both front and back.  Four of the cards have black faces.  The card in the middle is a red card. The object is to place the paper clip on the red card while the cards are face down.  Sounds simple?  Surprise!  The clip will always be placed on the wrong card. Pack of 100.

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Expert Card Conjuring and Expert Card Chicanery by A. Sharpe - 2 Books Set
BK14533 (L4-1-2.M28-3-1)
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Card Spinner
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Simple but amazing card and paper clip trick. Pack of 100.