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Cloning King - Jumbo (FT)
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Cloning King - Jumbo (FT)
Cloning King - Jumbo (FT)
Item #: 20878 (M5-1-3)
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A new and amazing Jumbo Find The King Effect.  Jumbo Size Playing Cards are laminated, and are approximately 4.75 inches x 7 inches.


The Magician fans out 3 cards: two are Ten of Clubs and 1 is a King of Hearts. The magician shuffles the cards and asks the spectator to find the King. The spectator fails, as the 3 cards in the magician’s hands are all Tens. Magician then takes the King from his pocket.  He mixes the King with the 3 Tens. He now fans out the cards and the King has vanished again, leaving 4 Tens. Magician now takes out a Fifth Card and places it face down on the table. He again asks the spectator to find the King. The spectator points to the face down card on the table. The magician turns this over showing it to be a Ten.  When the spectator says the King is in the magician's hand, the magician reveals that the only King has cloned himself and all the 4 cards are now Kings.


Enjoy this video demonstration:



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A new and amazing Jumbo Find The King Effect. Jumbo Size Playing 
Cards are laminated, and approximately 4.75 inches x 7 inches.