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Close-up Magic by J. Hugard
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Close-up Magic by J. Hugard
Close-up Magic by J. Hugard
Item #: BK11335 (L2-1-1.M27-3-3)
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By Jean Hugard. Herein Mr. Hugard has compiled a collection of close up effects with all information about this new line of magic. Most every magician of prominence at the present day is being featured in the new entertainment field: Cardini, Leipsig, Zingone, Vernon, Jarrow, Benson, Brooks, Swan, Martin, Thompson, Orloff, Larry Gray, Dave Allison, Haskell, Devant, Albenice, Carlyle, and many others. A book full of ideas for the close up worker. 57 pages well illustrated.
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Hugard teaches close-up magic.