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Clown Gags - Classic Comic Clown Capers (FT)
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Clown Gags - Classic Comic Clown Capers (FT)
Clown Gags - Classic Comic Clown Capers (FT)
Item #: BK17930 (L3-1-3.M10-16-1)
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64 page printed illustrated booklet, 5.5" x 8" with full color cover, by Clettus Musson. Fully indexed, this has over 200 gags, comedy bits and stunts for magicians, clowns, MCs, or anyone with a sense of humor. Plus information on living marionettes, chapeaugraphy, and much more.

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A book that includes over 200 gags, comedy bits, and stunts for 
magicians, Clowns, MCs or anyone with a sense of humor. 64 pages,