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Clown Squeaker - Pack of 12
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Clown Squeaker - Pack of 12
Clown Squeaker - Pack of 12
Item #: 19532 (M5-5-2)
Unit: Dozen

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Hold one in your hand and everything will go "squeak!" (In the supermarket, touch the loaves of wrapped sandwich bread, then walk away and watch the other shoppers try.)  Bulk pack of 12 pieces. 

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Costume Bag - Clown (Bazar de Magia)
Your young helper turns a handkerchief into a clown's hat! Then your magic bag is turned into a clown's costume that matches the hat and fits your helper perfectly! (Fits ages 5 - 8.)
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Shoe Squeaker
Attach these to a shoe for an annoying squeaking sound.
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Squeeze Whistle Bag
Secretly make squeaking noises. Fits in the palm of your hand. Great for clown routines. Walk and squeak away.
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Clown Noses - Sponge 2.5" (USA) - Bulk Bag of 25
25 bright red sponge ball clown noses, each 2.5" in diameter.
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Squeeze to let out a loud squeak. Bestselling squeaker. Pack of 12