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Cobra Tie (FT)
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Cobra Tie (FT)
Cobra Tie (FT)
Item #: 10834 (M5-6-2.M31-6-2)
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An examined neck tie coiled and placed on a tray animates like a snake. The broad end of the tie rises over a foot above the coil and the narrow end hangs like the tail. East to do, comes with a self contained tray and detailed instructions. No strings, wire, or usual gimmicks.
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Pop up Tie - BP (FT)
The tie rises up all on its own.
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Card Snake (FT)
An audience selected card will appear in the mouth of a snake card. Can be set up in seconds for any card, Bridge or Poker size. Ready to work, and complete with instructions. Packs flat, plays big!
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Clown Long Tie
18" long clown tie. Blue with yellow polka dots and white elastic band.
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Sword through Necktie - 2 Parts (FT)
A sword goes through the assistant's bare neck, without any shielding by a "frame" or "stock". It visibly emerges at the opposite end, and is then pulled out again to show the assistant unharmed. Comes with special tie, sword and scabbard.
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Tie Pin Juan (Bazar De Magia)
The magician uses his tie to stab the card selected by the spectator, midair. Examinable. From Bazar de Magia.
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Inside Their Pockets, Vol 1: The Tie Steal - DVD
Rubman teaches you how to become a master pickpocketer.
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Chinese Linking Rings - 5" S.S. (FT)
13156 (M4-14-2.M31-7-2)
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Color Changing Waistcoat (E-ZX) - Magician Vest XL 52"
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Flag Staff Production (FT)
12643 (M8-2-3)
Performer produces a giant 3 foot long x 5 foot wide flag, complete with flag pole, from under their jacket.
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The tie behaves like a dancing snake.