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Coin Slide Production .50 (FT)
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Coin Slide Production .50 (FT)
Coin Slide Production .50 (FT)
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This is a special brass gimmick, specially designed to hold a number of coins in your sleeve or under your Coat.  The apparatus can be used for any coin production routine, such as the Miser’s Dream, where coins are required to be produced one at a time.  Excellent for any coin production effect or routine.  This is a very handy piece of equipment.  Easy to use. Includes coin slide and instructions.


Also available in 25 cent size.

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With this silk, you can make coins appear or vanish with ease. On one side this appears as a completely plain silk, and it can be left on view for extreme close up use.
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Signed Quarter to Yarn
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Coin Slide Plus (FT)
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Coin Slide Production .25 (FT)
Be able to produce a quarter on demand. This is a specially designed brass gimmick, to be used in your sleeve or under your coat. Drops quarters one at a time into your hand.
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Magic Coin Slide Case #5413 - Pack of 12
20515 (M12-7-3, 41-7-3)
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Be able to produce a half dollar on demand.  This is a specially 
designed brass gimmick, to be used in your sleeve or under your 
coat. Drops half dollars one at a time into your hand.