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Color Changing Knife Set #3 (FT)
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Color Changing Knife Set #3 (FT)
Color Changing Knife Set #3 (FT)
Item #: 19501 (M5-13-4.M31-5-4)
Unit: Each

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The performer displays a white pen knife, white on both sides. Suddenly, the knife changes to black. The knife is again displayed as black on both sides. With a magic flick the knife now changes to red. Once again, you show both sides of the knife to be red. We supply 3 knives, and a special holder to hold 2 of the knives. Custom made pen knives in anodized aluminum, which will never rust.
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Color Changing Knife Set #2 (FT)
19500 (M5-13-4)
This pen knife changes from white to black with ease.
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Disappearing Knife - Pack of 12
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This pen knife will change from white to black to red with ease.