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Color Changing Pencil (FT)
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Color Changing Pencil (FT)
Color Changing Pencil (FT)
Item #: 22052 (M10-5-4)
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Place the pencil in the tube - the pencil changes color!


The performer displays a small pencil, which can write in ‘any color’. After the gag about writing the colors called by spectators (“RED” or “BLUE” in normal black lead), the pencil is inserted into a metal tube. When removed it is seen to have changed into a pencil and lead of a completely different color. 


Very easy to do, and suitable for beginners or any performer.


Comes to you complete in an attractive box, with step by step photo-illustrated color instructions, ready to use, at a very low, affordable price.

Enjoy this video demonstration:

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Place the pencil in the tube - the pencil changes color!