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Color Changing Plume to Bouquet - Mini Economy (FT)
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Color Changing Plume to Bouquet - Mini Economy (FT)
Color Changing Plume to Bouquet - Mini Economy (FT)
Item #: 14888 (M10-3-2)
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Performer attempts the Color Changing Plume effect, offering to change the color of a plume passed through an empty paper tube to a color called by audience. The plume changes to a bouquet of multi color flowers, to match the various colors called out. Low price economy model.
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Double Color Changing Silks 14 inch (FT)
21955 (M3-14-4)
Two silks (that are tied together at their ends) change to two silks of entirely different colors!
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Color Changing Rope (Empire)
21832 (M3-2-3)
Another variation of this great effect - the rope changes color just by passing your hand over it.
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Color Changing Rope to Many Ropes (FT)
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This is different type of Color Changing Rope effect. One white rope can change into the red, or blue, or green, or purple, or yellow rope. Or to all colors at the same time!
In Stock

Color Changing Silk - 4 color - 12" (VDF)
17228 (M3-3-3)
The 2 silks change color after passing through your hand. 100% silk.
Out of Stock

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The plumes change color and then into a bouquet.