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Color Changing Rope to Many Ropes (FT)
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Color Changing Rope to Many Ropes (FT)
Color Changing Rope to Many Ropes (FT)
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The performer displays a piece of white rope and offers to change it to any color selected by audience. The audience is asked to call out their favorite color. Let's say red. The magician passes his hand over the rope, and it changes to a piece of red rope. He can repeat the effect asking audience about the next color. Blue, yellow, green, purple? Wait a minute, he can transform the rope into several ropes of various colors! Easy to operate gimmick and instructions are enclosed in the kit.

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This is different type of Color Changing Rope effect. One white rope 
can change into the red, or blue, or green, or purple, or yellow 
rope. Or to all colors at the same time!