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Color Changing Streamer - Fabric 45" (VDF)
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Color Changing Streamer - Fabric 45" (VDF)
Color Changing Streamer - Fabric 45" (VDF)
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The magician makes a long black scarf slide gracefully away from his shoulders, and shows it to the audience. Gently he shakes it, and the scarf visibly changes from black to multicolor.  The effect may also be performed back to front, that is from multicolor to black. Or, after turning the black scarf to multicolor, you can make it go black again.   

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The 12" silk changes color after it passes through your hand. 100% silk.
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Color Changing Fan - 8 Color (FT)
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Checkers Color Changing Silk (FT) - Black or Red
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Color Changing Streamer - 43" Silk (Goshman)
A black silk quickly changes to a multicolor one. Effect can be reversed. 100% Silk. Approximately 43" x 5.5".
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F9649 *
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A black scarf quickly changes to a multicolor scarf. Effect can be 
reversed. 45" x 6".