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Color It - Large (FT)
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Color It - Large (FT)
Color It - Large (FT)
Item #: 18207 (M3-3-3)
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A low priced model of the famous Instant Art or Magic Painting effect.  You show the spectators a cardboard frame with a large window in it. Through the window is a black and white line drawing of a boy or girl magician.  As you slowly slide the picture out of the frame, it visibly becomes a full color picture… like magic!  Push the picture back in, and it is in black and white once again. These pictures are Jumbo card size, measuring 5.25″ x 7.25″.


Available in two different models, with custom art by famous Magic illustrator Bill Wright.  One picture shows a Boy magician performing a floating girl illusion, and one shows a Girl Magician pulling a Rabbit from a Hat. 

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The black and white line drawing changes to color and then back 
again. Jumbo card size of 5.25" x 7.25". Available in two different 
models: a Boy Magician doing a 'floating girl' illusion, and a Girl 
Magician pulling a Rabbit from a Hat.