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Color It - Large Size (FT)
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Color It - Large Size (FT)
Color It - Large Size (FT)
Item #: 22078 (M4-2-4)
Unit: Each

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The performer displays a black and white picture of  a boy or girl magician  in an envelope with a cut-out front.


The picture is pulled out of the envelope, and as it emerges it is visibly colored in many eye-catching colors.


Push the picture back in, and it is black and white once again.


These pictures are Jumbo card size, measuring 5.25″ x 7.25″.


Available in two different models, with custom art by famous Magic illustrator Bill Wright specially done for Funtime Magic.


One picture shows a Boy magician performing a floating girl illusion, and one of a Girl Magician pulling a Rabbit from a Hat. Specify which you prefer when you order, or better still get both – its very affordable.

In Stock
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Hot Rod - Small Black (TM)
21622 (M4-7-2)
All of the different colored gems change to the chosen color.
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Feather Duster Wand
21327 (M4-16-1)
From Silly Billy! An ordinary 9″ wand instantly changes into a colorful feather duster. New and improved and now spring activated! Various colors. (Stock colors subject to change.)
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Color Changing Silk to String of Silks (FT)
20632 (M3-2-4)
Performer displays a Red and White Silk tied together. He passes them through his fist and they change to a pair of striped red and white silks. Then the performer stretches the ring and which grows to form one large ring of striped silk.
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Color Changing Waistcoat (E-ZX) - Magician Vest XL 52"
20182 (M3-2-2)
This magician's waistcoat can change colors.
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Enchanted Picture Rabbit in Hat  (FT)
19304 (M3-18-2)
The picture magically changes and a rabbit appears in the hat. Offset printed in vibrant colors, then laminated to give you a long lasting prop. Picture is approximately 11" tall and 7" wide.
Out of Stock

Color Changing Wand (FT)
11959 (R7-3-5)
This wand magically changes color from red with gold tips to black with gold tips.
Out of Stock

Four Color Change Foulard (FT)
17880 (M4-13-4)
A color change effect, where a satin foulard changes through four different colors. Simple, mechanical effect.
Out of Stock

Color It - Standard (FT)
9526 (M3-3-3)
The black and white drawings change into color portraits and then back again. 4" x 5" in size, ready to use any time. Supplied as a pair with two separate pictures, one of a Man and the other of a Cartoon Mouse.
Out of Stock

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Close Up Mat - Red (FT)
22111 (R6-3-1)
A Close-Up Mat is an accessory every magician doing Close-Up Routines should have, whether it’s card magic, coin magic or comedy magic. Red mat.
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Adairs Sniffy (FT)
22108 (M3-16-1)
Ian Adair's mouse "Sniffy" squeaks and finds the selected card!
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Adairs Five to One Plus (FT)
22107 (M3-5-1)
A novel and off-beat revelation of a selected card by Ian Adair, for use with any card deck, requiring no special sleights.
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Adairs Added Surprise (FT)
22106 (M2-6-1)
Ian Adair has created a novel combination of the old Pip Card that was probably part of every performer’s first magic set, and a popular gag card, to make for an entertaining routine for any audience.
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Penn and Teller Fool Everyone Magic Kit (Royal)
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The performer displays a black and white picture of  a boy or girl 
magician  in an envelope with a cut-out front.The picture is pulled 
out of the envelope, and as it emerges it is visibly colored in many 
eye-catching colors.