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Color It - Standard (FT)
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Color It - Standard (FT)
Color It - Standard (FT)
Item #: C9526
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You show the spectators a cardboard frame with a large window in it.  Through the window they see a black and white line drawing. As you slowly slide the picture out of the frame, it visibly becomes a full color picture… like magic!  Push the picture back in, and it is black and white once again.

The pictures are 4″ x 5″ in size, and easy to carry in a jacket pocket – ready to use at any time.

Supplied as a pair with two separate pictures, one of a Man and the other a Cartoon Mouse.

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The black and white drawings change into color portraits and then 
back again. 4" x 5" in size, ready to use any time. Supplied as a 
pair with two separate pictures, one of a Man and the other of a 
Cartoon Mouse.