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Comedy Ice Pick
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Comedy Ice Pick
Comedy Ice Pick
Item #: 21699 (M3-2-2)
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An ice pick gag!


Display an ice pick. Talk about the pain that would surely occur if the magician stabbed his own hand with it. Then, suddenly SHOVE it through your hand! Listen to the screams. Watch audience members hide their eyes.

An incredible effect - not for the squeamish - choose your audience wisely!


Also a great comedy bit!


Use it with your Comedy Milk Funnel routine!...Tell your helper you'll need to punch a hole in their elbow.


Nicely made with a wood handle.


By the way, the batch we received has a locking mechanism. By twisting the handle it will lock...just in case you have a spectator hold it before or after the gag.

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Display an ice pick. Then, suddenly SHOVE it through your hand! 
Listen to the screams. Watch audience members hide their eyes.

Also great for a comedy bit.