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Cookie Roach - Pack of 12
Item Details
Cookie Roach - Pack of 12
Cookie Roach - Pack of 12
Item #: 20199 (M6-17-2)
Unit: Dozen

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Can't keep your hands out of the cookie jar? There will be loud screams when you reach in and pull out one of these 2.5" great looking cookies with a big roach on them. Blister packed. Pack of 12 cards.

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You can make the cookie whole again after taking a bite.
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Stick these fake ice cubes in a drink, just don't mention that there is a bug in them! Pack of 12.
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Bug in Ice Cube for Adult Beverages - Display of 36
18366 (M3-5-2)
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Gross Sandwich Bags
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These bags are printed to make your sandwich look gross. 4 pack.
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Change Bag - Economy - One Hand - Small (FT)
20020 (M3-18-2.M31-9-3)
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In Stock

A harmless joke to gross out your friends. Pack of 12.