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EZ Magic Copper/Silver/Brass (English Penny/Kennedy Half Dollar/Chinese Coin)
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EZ Magic Copper/Silver/Brass (English Penny/Kennedy Half Dollar/Chinese Coin)
EZ Magic Copper/Silver/Brass (English Penny/Kennedy Half Dollar/Chinese Coin)
Item #: 21761 (O5-3-2)
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A transposition effect to beat all transposition effects! A Half dollar, English penny, and Chinese coin are shown. The Half is placed in one hand and it instantly changes place with the English penny and Chinese coins held in the other hand. The effect is immediately repeated, then the coins can be handed out!


The changes in this routine are even more startling due to the obvious differences in each coin’s appearance.

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A 3 coin transposition effect to beat all transposition effects!  
Handcrafted using a authentic coins.