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Copper/Silver - English Penny/Kennedy Half (Roy Kueppers)
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Copper/Silver - English Penny/Kennedy Half (Roy Kueppers)
Copper/Silver - English Penny/Kennedy Half (Roy Kueppers)
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The two coins mysteriously change places!


Two coins are shown to the spectator, one copper and one silver. Both coins are placed in the Magician's hand. The hand is closed into a fist. The thumb and forefinger reach into the closed fist and remove the copper coin, shows it to the spectators and places it in the shirt, pants, or jacket pocket. The spectators assume that the silver coin remains in the closed fist. The hand is opened and reveals that the copper coin remains. The coppercoin that was placed in the left pocket earlier is now removed and shown to be silver (the two coins have mysteriously changed places)!


  • Comes with both coins needed and includes the patter and routine.
  • Includes helpful tips and detailed handling instructions to execute a flawless performance.
  • Trick is reset automatically at the end of the routine.
  • Crafted by Magician / Machinist Roy Kueppers.


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The two coins mysteriously change places!