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Crazy Glasses (Wonder)
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Crazy Glasses (Wonder)
Crazy Glasses (Wonder)
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Ready for something really different? Three separate clear plastic cylinders are shown and stacked. Magi now pours three different colored liquids one at a time in the topmost cylinder. These liquids visibly penetrate each other and each separates into its own cylinder! Cylinders are unstacked and each colored liquid is poured from each tumbler to prove it is real! Includes cylinders and great routine.  When stacked, measures 9.5" high x 2" diameter.

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Dribble Glass Joke Plastic 4 oz
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No pranksters joke kit would be complete without a dribble glass. Fill with water and offer a drink. 3.5" tall, 2" diameter, 4 ounces, clear plastic. Blister packed.
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Spy Sunglasses Rear View
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Instant Magic Popsicle – Triples (FT)
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An impossible penetration trick! When poured from the top, each 
different colored liquid will go into a separate glass in the stack. 
9.5" high x 2" diameter.