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Crocheted Balls - Wool over Plastic 1.5" (FT) - Pack of 12
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Crocheted Balls - Wool over Plastic 1.5" (FT) - Pack of 12
Crocheted Balls - Wool over Plastic 1.5" (FT) - Pack of 12
Item #: C18068
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These well-made, hand crocheted over hard plastic, balls are the perfect prop for many standard magic tricks. Use them as a replacement for missing balls in your cups and balls routine, or as props for your "two in the hand - one in the pocket" trick. Pack of 12. Diameter 1.5". Also available: 3/4" and 1".

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Classic crocheted magic balls, 1 1/2". Wool over hard core 
(plastic).  Pack of 12.