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Crystal Coin Case Vanisher (TM)
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Crystal Coin Case Vanisher (TM)
Crystal Coin Case Vanisher (TM)
Item #: 21774 (M-6-11-2)
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A coin is placed inside a clear plastic case held together with four elastic bands. The magician wraps the case inside a handkerchief. A magical gesture and…the magician unfolds the handkerchief...mysteriously the coin has vanished from the case!


Small hanky included.

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Devils Napkin (USA) - 18"
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The old Devil's Handkerchief, now streamlined and made most attractively in the form of a fancy colored napkin with non-sag feature. Instructions to perform 20 tricks. Assorted fabric colors and patterns, 18" square.
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Classic Devils Handkerchief - Blue (Bazar de Magia)
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A great utility prop for the close-up performer, the Devil Hankerchief lets you easily make almost any small object appear, vanish or change! Comes with one dark blue 17.5-inch handkerchief and instructions.
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Royal Devils Coin Bank (R)
14149 (M17-2-3)
Once the coin is placed in the box, it is gone forever.
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Devil's Handkerchief Plus (FT)
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Make any small item vanish and appear instantly with this handkerchief.
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Mysteriously the coin vanishes from the case!