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Cubic Feat M-2
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Cubic Feat M-2
Cubic Feat M-2
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A red cube is shown and examined.  It is then placed inside the clear rectangular Cubic Feat chamber, and inside, it mysteriously floats up and down, even all the way to the top of the holder.   The gimmick that lifts the cube is well hidden.  This is one of Petrick's cube effects, and for a collector of Tenyo-esque effects, this is a neat piece of gimmickry! Comes complete with all props and instruuctions, including Petrick's exclusive performance and explanation on DVD.  See demonstration here.


The same cube can then be used to perform Petrick and Mia's "Slicey Dicey" as part of a complete seven minute close-up routine.

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Magically make the red cube float up and down in a chamber. Part of 
Petrick's Signature Series.