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Cups and Balls Magic Tricks for All Levels
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Cups and Balls - Mini Stainless Steel (FT)
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Cups and Balls - Mini Stainless Steel (FT)
Cups and Balls - Mini Stainless Steel (FT)
Item #: 19502 (M6-8-1)
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This outfit has 3 cups, 4 hand crocheted balls, and an illustrated tutor to teach you the basics of this classic item. It is a miniature set, 2 5/8" diameter and 3 1/8" high, spun from stainless steel, and polished in a gleaming silver finish. The stainless steel will outlast plated cups, and maintain the finish. If you are looking for a compact, durable and reasonably priced set of this item, then this is it!
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A miniature stainless steel version of this classic magic trick.