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Cups and Balls Magic Tricks for All Levels
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Cups and Balls Tutor Booklet (FT)
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Cups and Balls Tutor Booklet (FT)
Cups and Balls Tutor Booklet (FT)
Item #: BK18313 (L3-3-4)
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This booklet (4" x 5.5", 24 pages, illustrated) covers all the basic moves for the classic Cups & Balls effect such as: the Vanish, False Loading, Real Loading, Secret Loading, and Loading Fruit, live chicks or white mice. In addition, the routines include an easy No-Sleight Routine and a more Advanced Routine in six phases, with a climax load. Includes references for additional literature on the subject.

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Emoji Balls - 35mm (Cups and Balls Final Loads) (Pack of 12)
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Rubber, high-bounce Emoji Balls. Great as final loads for your cups and balls. (35 mm - 1.38 inches) Assorted Emojis. Pack of 12.
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Cups and Balls - Mini Plastic 100 sets (FT)
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A 1.5" x 1.5" miniature plastic version of the classic magic trick. Box of 100. For smaller hands, or for pocket magic.
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Empire Magic Collection Kit #12
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A collection of four easy to learn magic tricks. Magic Crystal Box, Magic Rattle Bars, Magic Melting Coin, and Magic Cups & Balls.
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The Cups - Manual of Cups and Balls Magic by R. Fromer
BK14095 (L3-2-1)
Fromer teaches over 100 tricks involving the cups and balls routines.
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Royal Cups and Balls
18013 (M7-9-1)
A plastic version of the classic magic trick.
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Cups and Balls (FT)
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Beginner's set of 3 colorful plastic cups and 4 balls. Illustrated step by step instructions included for this classic routine.
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This 24 page illustrated booklet covers all the basic moves for the 
classic Cups & Balls effect, and includes several routines.