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Cups and Balls Magic Tricks for All Levels
Items of which we have 12 or less left that we intend to discontinue upon closeout.
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Cups and Balls - Wood (Western) - (FT)
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Cups and Balls - Wood (Western) - (FT)
Cups and Balls - Wood (Western) - (FT)
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The Cups and Balls are possibly the oldest surviving Magic effect These cups are turned from solid blocks of wood and measure approximately 3.25" high and 2.75" at the mouth. Handsomely lacquered in a natural rose wood finish, and supplied with 4 crocheted balls and a booklet of
instructions and routines. You can perform all the cups and balls moves with this outfit, (except crashing one cup through another!).


Rosewood is no longer able to be imported.   Collectible.

Out of Stock. Email us to be notified when item arrives, or for estimated item arrival date.
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These cups are turned from solid blocks of wood and measure approximately 3.25" high and 2.75" at the mouth. Handsomely lacquered in a natural rosewood finish, and supplied with 4 crocheted balls and a booklet of routines. Collectible.