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Cut No Cut Scissors - Silver Plated (FT)
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Cut No Cut Scissors - Silver Plated (FT)
Cut No Cut Scissors - Silver Plated (FT)
Item #: 18808 (M3-8-3)
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This is an excellent gag prop, ideal for use with any rope cutting routine - like a Cut and Restored Rope, ribbon, silk or newspaper - or any other routine involving a regular pair of tailoring scissors.  It will cut like any scissors, yet it will also lock in either the closed or open positions.  Gimmicked in an ingenious and natural manner, with the result that the locking arrangement is not apparent, even on a close inspection.  In the hands of a reasonably competent performer, the scissors can spell several minutes of solid comedy entertainment with a volunteer spectator.  Bright silver plated pair of scissors.  Supplied complete and ready to use, with instructions and presentation ideas.


For example, when you hand the closed scissors to a spectator, they cannot open them.  You open them for him, while teaching him how to use a pair of scissors, and give them over again.  Now he cannot close them.  Repeat this as often as many times as you like, cutting your rope shorter and shorter while the audience laughs.   


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Bright silver plated pair of scissors that cut for you, but will 
lock in either the closed or open positions when handed to a 
spectator. Makes for a funny routine.